Stopped in her tracks


By Arthur Wamanan in Jaffna

That was the last time Yarl Devi (Queen of Jaffna) rumbled into the station with civilians. That was the last day the station buzzed with travelers. Yarl Devi became a victim of the deadly war that raged for three decades.

The Jaffna Railway Station has become an iconic destination. The partially broken down building stands up majestically and attracts tourists despite the misfortunes it faced during the war.

The entrance to the station is adorned with clothe lines strung from one pillar to the other. The screams of children running around the station echo through the empty hallway. A few families have made the station their temporary abode. These families are not homeless. They use the station premises as a resting place during their frequent visits to Jaffna. These visitors come here for various reasons. Continue reading →


The Arthur Wamanan Story

Initially published in The Sunday Leader on November 4, 2007

By Arthur Wamanan

I never expected that I would be taken to the infamous Fourth Floor of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) just for dialing Enterprise Development Minister Mano Wijeratne’s mobile telephone on October 19 from my personal mobile telephone to obtain a simple comment with regard to his wife’s mobile phone bill.

Strangely I have been joking around that one of these days, there will be a white van in front of my house to whisk me away. My colleagues however did not find such comments funny, given my ethnicity and the kind of stories The Sunday Leader works on. Continue reading →