Walla patta a potential cash crop


By Arthur Wamanan

Smuggling is not a new phenomenon in this country, or for that matter, in this world. It’s an activity that is illegal, yet carried out worldwide.
From drugs to people, smuggling is carried out due to various reasons, mainly for the large sums of money involved.
Sri Lanka too faces its own problems pertaining to smuggling rackets operating locally and internationally. People smuggling was an issue that was of great concern to Sri Lanka recently. However, stringent measures taken by local authorities and policy changes on the part of the respective countries had reduced the number of ‘boat people’ drastically.

However, since of late, several persons had been arrested for smuggling walla patta, a tree with the scientific name Gyrinops walla. Although the arrests have been frequent since of late, the importance and the reason for its surge in commercial value is still unknown to many people. Says an article by Dr. Upul Subasinghe, Senior Lecturer, Department of Forestry and Environmental Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Nugegoda, published in the website of the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC). Continue reading →


Fresh Roadblocks ahead


By Arthur Wamanan and Maneshka Borham

Terrorism experts have called on Sri Lanka to formulate a mechanism to dismantle the international network of the LTTE that has been active during the past five years despite its defeat in Sri Lanka.
The recent developments pertaining to the revival of the organization in Sri Lanka has prompted local authorities to seek international assistance to prevent all attempts made by the group to reorganize.
Even though the organization was militarily defeated five years ago, experts had constantly urged the Sri Lankan Government and the authorities to establish a proper mechanism to foil attempts by the LTTE elements abroad to regroup and pose fresh threats to Sri Lanka. Continue reading →