Hate to burst your bubble Santa is not real!

Christmas is a time for celebration and joy. It’s a time when Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, born 2000 years ago in Bethlehem. His life, ministry, His death on the cross, and his resurrection form the base on which Christianity and its beliefs have been built.

Even though Christianity’s foundation is on Jesus’ resurrection, His birth is also has equal importance in the Christian calendar. He is believed to be the Son of God who would eventually give His life for the sins of the world. Therefore, His birth becomes all the more important.

Secondly, Jesus’ birth is the epitome of humbleness. He was laid in a manger and those who visited Him first were the shepherds. For centuries, His birth has been celebrated and commemorated around the world. However, what started off as a humble birth has become a pompous affair today. Continue reading →


Who is Jayalalithaa for Sri Lanka?

Who is Jayalalithaa Jayaram? For millions in Tamil Nadu, she’s an inspiration. For women, she is one who broke all the stereotypes and fought her way through to become a Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, not once, but thrice.

She was revered, loved and respected by many, and feared and hated equally.
But who was Jayalalithaa for Sri Lanka? How was she perceived by the people here? Jayalalithaa the actress, had thousands of fans in Sri Lanka. Jayalalithaa the politician, unfortunately, did not.

Her relationship with Sri Lanka was not a smooth one. It was tumultuous.
There were three issues which divided Tamil Nadu from Sri Lanka. One is the Kachchatheevu issue where Jayalalithaa spearheaded calls for India to regain the islet. Continue reading →

Colombo harbour bursting its borders

The Colombo Harbour is to have a makeover with a new state-of-the-art passenger terminal after it failed to accommodate recent shiploads of tourists visiting the island.
The move to establish a new terminal comes in the wake of concerns raised by shipping experts over the lack of a suitable terminal and berth to handle large passenger vessels.
The development of the Colombo harbour is also considered doubly important due to the increasing popularity of luxury liners in the leisure industry worldwide. Continue reading →