‘I prefer to be a youtube artiste’ – Stephanie Sansoni

She’s a talent who discovered her own. She’s a self-taught artiste who strives for perfection despite not having a formal training. She is a self-taught guitarist and a singer who has made a name for herself thanks to her talent and YouTube.

Stephanie Sansoni became somewhat of an internet sensation recently after one of her YouTube videos of Sinhala song cover versions such as Saragaye, Daffodil Male, Pathu Pem Pathum, and Oba Hinda Be Mata Me Tharam went viral over several social media platforms.

Speaking to the Weekend Nation on how she started her music journey, Stephanie refers to her debut as quite ‘sudden’. However, music runs in her family as her father and brother are both interested in music. Continue reading “‘I prefer to be a youtube artiste’ – Stephanie Sansoni”