Keep big matches to the field

It is the season of big matches once again. It’s a season of celebrating the history, tradition, and rivalry between schools that have been battling it out for supremacy of the Gentlemen’s game each year.

Cycle parades, trucking and all sorts of processions adorn the main roads of Colombo as the days draw closer.

Sri Lanka boasts of the second, longest running domestic cricket tournament in the form of the much hyped, much celebrated, Royal-Thomian encounter. The Battle of the Blues as it is popularly known is next to the England’s Eton-Harrow encounter which started in 1805. Continue reading →


Let them be

Colombo is never short of open public spaces for people to come, chill, catch up with friends, speak their hearts out to their lovers, and even to have some alone time.

Sometimes, seated under a tree, staring into the world with fresh air fanning your face is better than being in a closed, air-conditioned room with many people around.

But are these open spaces really ‘open’ to the public in its true sense. Continue reading →

A ‘Kulappam’ in progress

Tamil Nadu was once again in a state of confusion due to several developments pertaining to the position of the Chief Minister.

The internal battle within the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam came out in the open on February 7 when O. Panneerselvam, successor of the late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jayaram announced that he was forced to hand over his resignation. He alleged that Jayalalithaa’s former aide Sasikala Natarajan had created a rift within the party.

Panneerselvam’s move has gained a considerable amount of backing from party stalwarts, and political analysts in the State predict that the AIADMK would be further weakened due to the unexpected developments last week.

Ever since Jayalalithaa passed away, Tamil Nadu’s political environment has been fragile. Though Panneerselvam was appointed Chief Minister, Sasikala’s rise to prominence within the party created a gradual split which has now come to light. Continue reading →