Parades of shame

Even though the big match season is in its latter stages, the hype and celebration is yet to die down. While the season has witnessed some memorable encounters in the pitch, the encounters outside the cricket grounds have evoked negative vibes.

Since of late, we have been coming across several incidents of student aggressiveness. A few weeks ago, a fracas between students of two leading schools in Colombo resulted in injuries and damage to properties.

Yet another disturbing incident involving two schools was reported last week where present and past students of Mahanama College, Colombo had forcibly entered into Yasodhara Girls’ School in Borella. Continue reading →


Dear man…

On March 8, women around the world were flooded with wishes and complementary messages. Facebook walls were filled with messages, poems and images dedicated to women.

And then, things were back to where they were from the following day.

Yes, March 8 belongs to women. But what about the other days? Does it mean that you treat a woman properly on this day?

The woman would read the online wishes, smile to herself, and close the computer. Continue reading →

All lives matter

Sri Lanka lost seven lives in a matter of minutes on February 27 when a prison bus was attacked in a typical gangland style seen only in Hollywood flicks.

The attack was well planned out and well executed which left the police and the prison officials baffled and confused.

The dead were mostly prison inmates, including prominent underworld figure Aruna Udayashantha alias ‘Samayan’, and two prison officials.

The attack occurred when they were on the way to the Kalutara Courts. Continue reading →