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Quite a few things happened during the past week. What started with a Cabinet reshuffle, ended with a few lives lost due to landslides and incessant rains. In between there were also developments on actions taken against those who attacked Muslim religious places.

In most cases, the public has been mere spectators simply because of the fact they are not in a position to do anything.

Many people use the social media sites to vent their frustrations while some try to move on with their lives regardless. Continue reading →


Do not live in the past, learn from it

May 18 is a special day for Sri Lanka because that was the day that the guns were silenced eight years ago.

Many things have happened over the years, some positive and some negative. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka has also faced international pressure in terms of allegations of war crimes, to which a mechanism is yet to be formed.

But even today, there are those extreme elements which look at the slightest of opportunities to trigger some sort of unrest even if it is on Facebook. Eight years have gone by and the powers that be are still grappling to seek a way out of the problem. Continue reading →