Dear youth…

Sri Lanka is a country with great potential. This country has gone through many obstacles before everything fell into place eight years ago with the end of the brutal war. We lost thousands of youngsters on both sides. Youngsters whose lives would have changed the course of the country for the better if guided properly.

They were lost for a reason, but the country is still trying to get back on its feet after their sacrifices. At one point Sri Lanka faced a problem due to brain drain when youngsters left in search of greener pastures in other countries. That was when the war was going on and the future seemed bleak. Continue reading →


Cracks wide open

If there is one factor which is important especially for minorities, it is unity. Unity among the people of the community is of utmost important if it was to move towards durable solutions for any issue, be it long term or short term.

The scenes at the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) not only brought people to the streets, but also brought out the frictions, and rifts that were hitherto more or less under wraps.

In the past too, there were reports of internal rifts between members of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) which were made public in subtle ways but were refuted on public platforms. The Northern Province was in utter chaos due to the developments, but what was saddening to see was the lack of unity among people and politicians. It was almost as if some were waiting for this to happen to add more fuel to it. Continue reading →

Never give up

Sri Lankans rejoiced last week when the lions beat the Indians, who are ranked No. 2 in the ICC One Day Internationals.

The win was quite unexpected, mainly because Sri Lanka had come in after losing to South Africa while India was on a high after beating their arch rivals, Pakistan. Given the mammoth chase, Sri Lankans were more or less scripted out of the tournament until two young guns Kusal Mendis and Danushka Gunathilaka put up a steady fight to ensure that they give a hard time to the Indians. Continue reading →

It’s time we got our act together

The devastating landslides and floods in several parts of the country took away lives of over 200 innocent people with dozens still missing.

Sri Lanka’s emergency apparatus was a complete chaos as it once again failed to save the lives that were lost went missing.

The country’s disaster preparedness has been under scrutiny for the past many years due to its continuous inefficiency despite facing many catastrophes over the years. This is not the first time that fingers have been pointed at the disaster management authorities for failing to get their act together. Continue reading →