Never give up

Sri Lankans rejoiced last week when the lions beat the Indians, who are ranked No. 2 in the ICC One Day Internationals.

The win was quite unexpected, mainly because Sri Lanka had come in after losing to South Africa while India was on a high after beating their arch rivals, Pakistan. Given the mammoth chase, Sri Lankans were more or less scripted out of the tournament until two young guns Kusal Mendis and Danushka Gunathilaka put up a steady fight to ensure that they give a hard time to the Indians.

They did lose their wickets unnecessarily, but their fighting spirit came to the fore when Sri Lanka was not considered seriously by India.

The story here is not about cricket. It is about the attitude to fight back when things do not go Sri Lanka’s way.

For the fans, Sri Lanka’s slump from a world class status to an underdog is a painful feeling indeed. But, to be fair by the players, they have done their best, and conducted with dignity on and off the field. The team work, the passion to win, and the graceful manner in which we accept defeat are inspiring.

On the other hand, issues within Sri Lanka Cricket might also play a part in how the team performs. But, that’s a different ball game altogether.

The main thing here is to cultivate the ‘never give up’ attitude among the players. Last week’s match was a good start for the Sri Lankans, which indicated that nothing is impossible if we have the right attitude.

This attitude, coupled with team work, is essential in any field, be it sports, work, or even politics.

In a world where every man lives for himself, the concept of teamwork sometimes goes amiss. But, it is a universal truth that no man can succeed on his own unless he is helped by others at some point or another.

Sri Lanka faced one of its worst calamities in recent times through floods and landslides that killed over 200 innocent civilians.

Many continue to be missing, and the families are yet to come to terms with their losses. It is at times like these, when everything seems lost, that we need to instill confidence among the affected people.

It is at times like these that people need to build self-confidence and the attitude to never give up despite the losses.

People will help, but they won’t be there all the time. Never live for yourself, but develop yourself to live for others.

Sri Lanka has seen more downs than ups ever since independence. But Sri Lankans have managed to face all situations and have stood by each other through thick and thin. Last week’s win not only gives us fresh confidence in cricket, but also a boost in life to succeed under any circumstances.

Published in the Nation on June 10, 2017


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