Dear youth…

Sri Lanka is a country with great potential. This country has gone through many obstacles before everything fell into place eight years ago with the end of the brutal war. We lost thousands of youngsters on both sides. Youngsters whose lives would have changed the course of the country for the better if guided properly.

They were lost for a reason, but the country is still trying to get back on its feet after their sacrifices. At one point Sri Lanka faced a problem due to brain drain when youngsters left in search of greener pastures in other countries. That was when the war was going on and the future seemed bleak.

The country lost a great part of its youth for the war. Today, the situation has improved and youngsters do believe that they have a future. But, is everything going good for them?

Since of late, many youngsters have reportedly committed suicide for reasons best known to them. The social media platforms have been quick to share such information where some have ridiculed and insulted the victims for their decisions.

But these lives are valuable nevertheless. They give up on their lives just as they reach their prime.  No one knows what they went through. No one can judge them. But still, ending your life is not the answer to any problem.

Life without a challenge is nothing. In today’s hasty world, people look for the easy way out of problems. They want instant results for their efforts.

But life does not work that way. The world is not designed the way you want, but it does not mean that you have to adapt according to what the world wants from you. Be who you are. Be the difference and add more colour to the world you live in. The world loves to place challenges in front of you. It is up to you to decide whether to face them or avoid them.

You might think avoiding problems would be a better option. But why not face it? Face it once and see how you feel about it.

Remember that you cannot beat the challenges all the time. You cannot be the victor all the time. Face the challenges, eventually you will overcome them. Never run away. It is better facing them and failing, than running away.

Published in the Nation on June 24, 2017


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