The online battle : True vs False

There is information everywhere. We live in a world where information is at our fingertips, and all it takes is to press a few buttons on a mobile phone.

The problem in today’s world is that there is too much information everywhere. But that is not the actual problem. The real problem is identifying what is true, and what is not. At a recently held discussion on World Press Freedom Day in Jakarta, a representative of Facebook had stated that fake news were in fact financially-motivated. Continue reading →


The debt trap…

Being in debt in this commercially-driven world is not something that is unusual. We live in a world where we have to depend on each other for our own survival, whether an individual, or a nation.

Sri Lanka is no exception. The country is in debt and is still looking for ways and means of paying them off. However, what is alarming is the rate of increase of household debts in the country. Continue reading →


When Indian fans cursed their players and burned posters in anger for losing the crucial Champions Trophy to Pakistan, cricketers of both teams were sharing a couple of jokes, leaving the animosity and aggression in the cricket field itself.

A few things happened soon after the finals which gave the message which showed the spirit of the game. Continue reading →

Solutions incomplete sans alternatives

The government, last week, decided to ban the use of polythene lunch sheets and rigifoam lunch boxes from September.

The move comes following weeks of waste disposal-issues and health related ailments due to garbage piling in key areas of the capital. The unprecedented spread of dengue is also attributed to the garbage menace which was addressed only last week. Continue reading →


Newly-appointed Governor of the Eastern Province, former minister, Rohitha Bogollagama said the immediate task would be to strengthen the understanding between the people of the Province and the Government, and between the major communities in the region. In an interview with the Nation, Bogollagama said the new role was an opportunity to focus on the reconciliation process that has been initiated by President Maithripala Sirisena. Continue reading →

Respect…. Where art thou?

Sri Lankans have become so used to be waiting, waiting for things to happen, and waiting on the roads wondering who is protesting and for what.

We have got so used to them. We grumble, we blast the government and the police, in our heads of course, but wait patiently till we reach our destination.

The Sri Lankan roads reflect our thinking, our mentality, and our respect to others. Not all of us drive in the same manner. Some are hasty and switch lanes all the time while some are patient and stick to a lane most of the time. Continue reading →