Win people’s trust

The biggest challenge the government currently faces is the risk of sustaining the trust of the people. Every government pledges many things to its people before it comes to power.

The people elect them based on their pledges, and their credentials, and sometimes because they simply want to do away with the government in power.

Sri Lanka’s current government, too, laid out many pledges to its people during election campaigns. Whether they have been fulfilled is something that the government needs to ask itself.

However, one thing that many governments around the world fail to do is to honour its commitments to the people.

Yes, there could be some practical reasons to not to fulfill them. But, the government should remember the initial pledge that was made.

The common man would not care about the obstacles the government has. All he needs is to see results, and when that does not happen, the people start to show their frustration.

A government is elected to serve the people. It is elected by the people. Therefore, it has the duty to keep the public informed of the progress, or problems that it faces in fulfilling its promises to the people.

Unfortunately, it does not happen, especially in this part of the world. Then there is the blame game. We often come across situations where the incumbent regime blames its predecessor for the mess a country is in.

The accusations may be true. But it is necessary for any government to look at the way forward. Countries like Sri Lanka are still lagging way behind other countries mainly because it continues to blame the past for its present situation.

This results in a bleak future for the nation and its future generation. Sri Lanka is a good example for a country that dwells in the past. We still think about the war, creating more divisions blaming the war.

We still hang on to a solution that was given ages ago without thinking of other avenues. The country would not head anywhere with such a mindset.

It is therefore essential to think ahead and move towards that direction. Only then would a government gain the trust of its people.

Published in the Nation on August 5, 2017


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