Who are VIPs?

The beauty of democracy is that the people have the power to elect who they want. They decide on who is sent to Parliament and to the local bodies.

No wonder these politicians exhaust themselves to get into the good books of the people. Politicians are representatives of the people. Whether they are in parliament, provincial councils, or any local body, their main objective is to represent the people and to address their issues in whatever ways they can.

But does that happen? For five years, the people are left with no option but to live with who they have elected. Then comes the next five years, and more often than not, the story is the same.

We do come across reports of politicians filling up their pockets and leading lavish lifestyles while ignoring the people.

This should not be so. Unfortunately, this is the reality. But then again, there are those politicians who genuinely work for the people. But they can be hand- picked. We need more.

Politicians do come in search of the people in order to obtain votes. But on most occasions, you generally do not see him or her until there is an election round the corner. Those are the days when voters are placed on a higher pedestal. Recently, the authorities in estate sector removed thousands of wasp nets ahead of the visit of Indian Premier Narendra Modi.

It is a good thing, no doubt. But there have been many wasp attacks in the region on people, and no one actually took the matter seriously.

This is just a small example. Thousands of people complain to the government and the local authorities of the shortcomings in their respective districts and villages. How many of them are addressed?

It is unfortunate that the people get good things, only when VIPs arrive, or when there is an election around the corner.

How many times have we witnessed price reductions of essentials in the run up to major elections? Why couldn’t they do it before?

There are bad roads, and there are broken bridges in many parts of the country placing the people in very difficult situations. Why can’t they be repaired?

Yes, you need to protect the VIPs from wasps and all sorts of possible threats. But what about those made them VIPs?

You do not have to scream your lungs out at every political campaigns right before the polls if you have done your part for the people over the past five years.

Published in the Nation on May 13, 2017


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