We still got it…

A transition period requires time. Any living being would need time to adapt and acclimatize to new surroundings and situations.

Take for instance a scenario where you join a new work place or a new school. You will definitely need some time to get to know the surrounding and the new colleagues that you will be dealing with for months or even years.

The ‘getting to know’ phase is most important in any relationship, be it friendship, marriage, or even professional. The phase decides the fate of your relationship, and whether it would be fruitful.

The same applies to groups, cliques, and teams. Each individual is different from the others and therefore needs some time to get used to his or her colleagues and team members.

The Sri Lankan cricket team is also going through that phase. Although some may say that the team has been going through this phase for quite a long time, the fact of the matter is that the members are yet to reach that comfort level to perform as a team.

They are getting there.

We saw what the current team was capable of during their second One Day International last Thursday (24) in Pallekele.

We did not give up. We were not bundled before the 50 overs were complete. Plus, we held on to the catches.

That full length dive by former captain Angelo Mathews to dismiss Shikhar Dhawan was all that was needed for Sri Lanka to regain their lost confidence.

Though we lost, we do know that all is not lost for the team.

We do have the fighting spirit within us, which needs to be improved with every match we play.

There will be losses until we reach stability. But the most important aspect of last Thursday’s game was that they found their fighting spirit.

Now it is up to the team to keep it. The fans will back them.


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