Repent, forgive, and live

No one is perfect. Everyone has done some mistake at one point or the other in his or her life. These mistakes are usually done without any intent, which is why they are called ‘mistakes’.

The consequences may not be serious, but sometimes could be deadly. It depends on the type of mistake an individual makes. But he or she is punished or penalized because of the damage caused by the mistake. That is how the system works.

The punishment may be severe if it was intentional. But, at the end of the day, the fact is that everyone has erred in life and most of them move on correcting themselves.

But, not all are like that. There are some who are known to create problems within a peaceful society. They do it for various reasons. Sometimes they do it for a living, and sometimes on the instructions of someone else. But, the point is that they are well aware of the fact that they are doing something wrong.

But they do it nevertheless. Apart from them, there is another kind of people who get hold of someone to do their underhand work while they stay clear. We find such people everywhere. Wrongdoers should be punished. They should reap what they sow. But, does it happen all the time.

The world has many examples where wrongdoers are punished for their deeds. But mostly we find that those who are punished were the ones who carried out instructions. The masterminds behind the crimes and the actions are safe and act as if nothing had happened. It could be because they are powerful, or it could be because they are smart. But they also should face the consequences of their actions.

But what is more important is the mindset of the people. Those who commit the offense should have the mindset to repent and change their ways in order to make their lives better.

On the other hand, the people too should be forgiving towards those who repent. They should not hold on to the past and avoid them.

Published in the Nation on September 10, 2017


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