REHABILITATION: Beginning a new life

The end of the war has seen a lot of changes in the lives of those who were affected by it for more than 30 years.
The government and many other organisations are continuing with their assistance to those who were affected during the last phase of the war, which defeated terrorism in May 2009.
The 30-year-old war had created scars and damages and needs several years to be healed and repaired. Thousands of persons had lost their lives and many families were affected due to the unstable conditions that had prevailed in the country especially in the north and east, where the war had taken place. Continue reading →


An Artiste who means BUSINESS

Yohani became an overnight Youtube sensation thanks to her mesmerizing cover versions of popular Sinhala and English songs. Some of her popular covers include Toxic, Love yourself, Satelite/Stealing Time, and a medley of Sinhala songs including Sayure, Katu Akule and Unmadha wu.  Continue reading →

Famed Jaffna Subhash Hotel to re-start

When Iyappan Sangaran arrived in Sri Lanka early last century, he did not have a single penny in his hands and had no idea how to survive. However, he has left a legacy in the form of Subhash Hotel that has become synonymous with the recent history of the Jaffna Peninsula.
Sangaran arrived in the country in 1918. Poverty in many parts of India had pushed this young boy of 14 to leave his home in Kerala and come to Sri Lanka in search of a livelihood. Continue reading →


Constable in Canadian Police, Niran Jeyanesan and his partner were called to Walmart on the night of August 6. A young man of about 18 years had been caught shoplifting by the store’s loss prevention officer. During the investigation Niran learned that the teen shoplifted a shirt, a tie, and a pair of socks because he had no money to buy a suit for his job interview the next morning.

And this magnanimous Constable of Sri Lankan origin did what he thought was only was necessary. Niran went back to the mall, bought the items the teen had tried to shoplift and arranged it so that the boy would receive it anonymously. Continue reading →

A change of heart – A new lease of life

Everyone, at some point in their lives, has a change of heart. Some are lucky enough to get a new lease of life at some point in their lives. These are phrases that are used generally to describe a change in thought process, or a shift in lifestyles, jobs, or sometimes perspectives.

But there are those, who get a new lease of life thanks to a change of heart, literally. Pushpa Kumari, a young mother from Anuradhapura who had to undergo life-saving emergency surgery was one such person. She needed a new heart at the earliest. Today, Kumari sounds very relaxed and happy that she got a new lease of life thanks to the heart of a deceased donor. “I am very happy now,” she told the Nation over the phone. She sounded feeble, but relaxed and confident.

She was transferred from the Intensive Care Unit of the Kandy hospital to the normal ward last week, nearly one month after her life-changing surgery. Continue reading →

Colombo harbour bursting its borders

The Colombo Harbour is to have a makeover with a new state-of-the-art passenger terminal after it failed to accommodate recent shiploads of tourists visiting the island.
The move to establish a new terminal comes in the wake of concerns raised by shipping experts over the lack of a suitable terminal and berth to handle large passenger vessels.
The development of the Colombo harbour is also considered doubly important due to the increasing popularity of luxury liners in the leisure industry worldwide. Continue reading →