An Artiste who means BUSINESS

Yohani became an overnight Youtube sensation thanks to her mesmerizing cover versions of popular Sinhala and English songs. Some of her popular covers include Toxic, Love yourself, Satelite/Stealing Time, and a medley of Sinhala songs including Sayure, Katu Akule and Unmadha wu.  Continue reading →


Climate calamity

Sri Lanka has been going through numerous changes in weather patterns over past couple of years. The worrying factor being that the shifts in weather patterns have been quite extreme.

This has been evident at least during these two years where severe drought was followed by incessant rains which resulted in floods and landslides in several parts of the country.  Continue reading →

Diaspora misled by separatist politics

“I think that the government is treading a progressive path. However, there are problems and issues pertaining to the minorities. They should be solved through negotiations. That is the correct way to approach them. But I would like to see the issues addressed at a much quicker pace.”

Antonythasan Jesuthasan is known for his recent role in the award winning film Dheepan. Apart from that, he is an author and a political activist. Though domiciled in France, Dheepan was involved in the ethnic conflict of Sri Lanka where he was part of the LTTE in the 1980s. Jesuthasan, who was born in Allaipiddy in 1967, joined the outfit after the 1983 July riots. Continue reading →

Famed Jaffna Subhash Hotel to re-start

When Iyappan Sangaran arrived in Sri Lanka early last century, he did not have a single penny in his hands and had no idea how to survive. However, he has left a legacy in the form of Subhash Hotel that has become synonymous with the recent history of the Jaffna Peninsula.
Sangaran arrived in the country in 1918. Poverty in many parts of India had pushed this young boy of 14 to leave his home in Kerala and come to Sri Lanka in search of a livelihood. Continue reading →

Who are VIPs?

The beauty of democracy is that the people have the power to elect who they want. They decide on who is sent to Parliament and to the local bodies.

No wonder these politicians exhaust themselves to get into the good books of the people. Politicians are representatives of the people. Whether they are in parliament, provincial councils, or any local body, their main objective is to represent the people and to address their issues in whatever ways they can.

But does that happen? For five years, the people are left with no option but to live with who they have elected. Then comes the next five years, and more often than not, the story is the same. Continue reading →

Troubled youth make a troubled country

Former combatants of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were linked to recent incidents of unrest in the North, giving rise to fresh speculations of an LTTE-regrouping in the North.

Claims that these former cadres, some rehabilitated, are involved raise more questions than concerns over the progress of the government, and of the country in moving towards reconciliation. Continue reading →