Constable in Canadian Police, Niran Jeyanesan and his partner were called to Walmart on the night of August 6. A young man of about 18 years had been caught shoplifting by the store’s loss prevention officer. During the investigation Niran learned that the teen shoplifted a shirt, a tie, and a pair of socks because he had no money to buy a suit for his job interview the next morning.

And this magnanimous Constable of Sri Lankan origin did what he thought was only was necessary. Niran went back to the mall, bought the items the teen had tried to shoplift and arranged it so that the boy would receive it anonymously. Continue reading →

A change of heart – A new lease of life

Everyone, at some point in their lives, has a change of heart. Some are lucky enough to get a new lease of life at some point in their lives. These are phrases that are used generally to describe a change in thought process, or a shift in lifestyles, jobs, or sometimes perspectives.

But there are those, who get a new lease of life thanks to a change of heart, literally. Pushpa Kumari, a young mother from Anuradhapura who had to undergo life-saving emergency surgery was one such person. She needed a new heart at the earliest. Today, Kumari sounds very relaxed and happy that she got a new lease of life thanks to the heart of a deceased donor. “I am very happy now,” she told the Nation over the phone. She sounded feeble, but relaxed and confident.

She was transferred from the Intensive Care Unit of the Kandy hospital to the normal ward last week, nearly one month after her life-changing surgery. Continue reading →

The debt trap…

Being in debt in this commercially-driven world is not something that is unusual. We live in a world where we have to depend on each other for our own survival, whether an individual, or a nation.

Sri Lanka is no exception. The country is in debt and is still looking for ways and means of paying them off. However, what is alarming is the rate of increase of household debts in the country. Continue reading →


Newly-appointed Governor of the Eastern Province, former minister, Rohitha Bogollagama said the immediate task would be to strengthen the understanding between the people of the Province and the Government, and between the major communities in the region. In an interview with the Nation, Bogollagama said the new role was an opportunity to focus on the reconciliation process that has been initiated by President Maithripala Sirisena. Continue reading →


Sri Lankan cricket saw yet another beginning in the form of new captains for Test, One Day Internationals, and T-20 matches.

The changes came soon after the team’s dismal performance against the Zimbabweans in the recent ODI series.

The debacle raised several concerns, pertaining to the state of cricket in addition to speculations of problems within the administrative body, the team, and the management. Nevertheless, the game is now in a bad wicket, and the move to change captains is quite welcome. Whether the move would work is something that the fans would have to wait and watch out for. Continue reading →

Cricket conquers new frontiers

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has allocated Rs. 200 million for the establishment of two new cricket grounds in the Northern and North Central Provinces and construction work is set to commence by the end of the year.

Secretary of SLC Mohan de Silva speaking to Nation said that the two grounds would be established in Jaffna and Polonnaruwa. “We hope to allocate Rs. 100 million for each ground,” he said.

Accordingly, both stadiums would be used to host first class cricket matches at the initial stages and then developed as international venues. Continue reading →